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 Property Shoot Preparation Checklist for Homeowners and Agents



Corona Virus Update

In an effort to keep the homeowner and our photographer safe, we have implemented strict requirements for booking home photography.  We will cancel or reschedule any photoshoot where these requirements are unable to be met.

1- The photographer and the real estate agent will set dates and times for the shoot via phone.  The Agent is to arrive thirty minutes early to unlock doors and go through the home to make sure the home is ready to be photographed.


2-  The photographer will arrive on-time, ready to photograph the home.  The photographer will arrive on-time, ready to photograph the home.  NO PERSON is to be at the home during the scheduled photography session except the photographer and the listing Agent.  This means no children, no owners, just the agent and photographer to limit any exposures.


3-  Both the photographer and listing agent must wear a mask and use hand sanitizer during the entire time they are in the home.  The photographer will only touch the front and back doorknobs to enter and exit the home and will not touch anything else in the home.  Therefore, all interior doors of rooms that need to be photographed must already be open or those will not be photographed.


4-Once the photographer has completed the photoshoot, they will go to their car and call the listing agent so that the owner or agent can return to lock up the home.


The Basics:

Minimize personal items on surfaces such as sideboards, desktops, end-tables, that have a great many family pictures, a few are fine, but we don't want your personal life to be shown to everyone. Remove valuables that the owners do not wish to appear in published images. Clean up toys and pet paraphernalia, pictures on fridges, etc. Flowers and other items that add color are welcome but remember that ‘less is more’.  Our photography will show a virtual Tour of most homes, therefore if you can see it standing in the room...the camera can see it as well.  Remove Anything and Everything that you do not want the public to see.


CARS: Remove all cars from the driveway and make sure the entire front of the house is clear of cars.  Make sure all garage doors are closed.

Pets:  Pets must be contained during the entire photo shoot.  If a pet is loose in the home, the shoot will be canceled and a rescheduling fee will apply.


WINDOWS: Open window treatments as symmetrically as possible.


LIGHTS: Turn every single light you have on please, no one likes a dark home and the camera needs the light.  Replace burnt-out lights.  Additionally, different light bulbs give off different colors, i.e. some are really bluish while others are more orange...if you mix and match these in a single room, it doesn't look good at all....please try and use the same type of light bulbs in a given room.

CEILING FANS:  Please turn all ceiling fans OFF

DOORS:  Please open the doors to any room you would like photographed so that the photographer does not have to touch any more door handles than absolutely necessary.


BEDROOMS: Beds made, smoothed and as lump-free as possible. Nightstands and vanities should be cleared of family pictures unless you don't mind people seeing them, with the minimum of items visible. If walk-in closets are to be photographed they should appear neat and organized. Try to reduce visible clutter in kids’ bedrooms.


LIVING ROOM: Living room pillows should be orderly and fluffed. Surfaces should be dust-free.


KITCHEN: Minimize small kitchen appliances if there are many, remove paper towels, hand soap, cleaners, trashcans, etc, wipe and clear counters


BATHROOMS: Always clear all medications and toiletries (minimal decorative soap, perfume bottles are OK). Clean shower glass. Towels should be as plain as possible and neatly folded. Remove trash cans unless they are decorative.  Close all toilet lids.


EXTERIOR: Remove covers on patio furniture, BBQ, pool etc.

Remove children’s toys where possible

Clean and place cushions on outdoor seating

Open patio umbrellas

Neatly stow or remove water hoses

Remove dog ‘gifts’ from the lawn to prevent ‘accidents’

Clear gardens of dirt, leaves, etc.

Clear driveway of dirt, leaves, etc

Hide outdoor garbage cans from site

Ensure ALL outdoor lights – including pool lights work and leave them on




The photographer will contact you when your photos are ready for final delivery and a payment request will be sent.  The project will only be delivered to the agent after payment has been received.



All photos and digital services remain the sole property of the photographer.  We grant clients/agents permission to use the digital media for advertising for its current listing only. The product cannot be re-sold or passed on to another Agent without our express permission.



All photo and video tours are delivered to clients/agents via electronic delivery after payment has been received.  If you have purchased a custom website for the listing from us, all files, videos, and your branding will be included in the link we send to you.  A download link for your photos will be provided so that you can download your photos and upload them to CARMLS.



All of our photography, especially our 3D Tours, are presented in high definition.  This requires a home to be in “Showroom” condition BEFORE THE PHOTOGRAPHER ARRIVES.  Anything the homeowner does not want publicly viewable needs to be put away.  We have included a "Home Preparation" guideline within this order form which will help you in preparing for your photo shoot.  



Our photographer will show up on time and will immediately begin photographing the home.  The photographer does not “clean” or “tidy” up anything in the home.  If the home is not ready to shoot, there is a $35 per hour fee applied while the photographer waits.  If a reschedule or cancellation occurs less than 24 hours before booking time, a $50 cancellation fee is incurred and no further photography bookings are accepted until this fee is paid.  There is no charge for reschedules and cancellations with greater than 24 hours notice.

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